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Karri Turner, M.Div., is one of the nation’s most vibrant, promising and emerging leaders. Karri is passionate about women and girls and her life's pursuit is to use every single part of who she is to love, inspire, motivate and draw women to Christ! Karri desires to aid women in finding a deep and meaningful relationship with the creator so that they live life according the God’s purpose and design in ministry + marketplace!


Karri is a national and international award-winning speaker with a specific focus on women in ministry + marketplace. She also shares her expertise in the following areas:

•    Leadership in Ministry + Marketplace
•    Vision Cultivation + Execution
•    Spiritual Capacity Building
•    Strategic Planning + Focus

•    Signature Program Design + Development
•    Personal Advocacy + Agency + Accountability
•    Transformational Leadership
•    Self-Branding + Publishing
•    Entrepreneurship

Karri's signature projects are; "Life Behind The Collar" for women navigating the pitfalls of ministry + marketplace. The NUDGE Mentorship Initiative where Karri personally walks with a select group of women to help challenge, cultivate and grow them spiritually, personally and professionally. Lastly, Karri hosts "The Lit Life" Bible Study + Worship Series where believers come together to worship radically, cultivate community and share in God's word.


Karri holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the legendary Morris Brown College and a Master of Divinity Degree from The Candler School of Theology at Emory University. Karri is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Ministry with a concentration in Leadership + Christian Renewal. Karri is a published author, marketplace leader and ordained clergywoman.



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